Zero Emission Regional Bus Workshops

Zemo Partnership is hosting a range of Low and Zero Emission Bus Workshops across the UK to higlight the range of low carbon solutions available to bus operations in the UK, share best practice and sources of funding. The workshops are designed to share the experience of local authorities and bus operators who have implemented low carbon and low emission bus technologies into their fleets over the last 5 years, highlighting key challenges and solutions alongside the environmental and financial benefits observed. The topics will cover technologies and fuels including: hydrogen, hybrids, battery electric, plug-in hybrids, biomethane, efficient diesels, biodiesel and SCR retrofit systems.

If you are interested in hosting a Bus Workshop in your region please contact Daniel Hayes.

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Programme Manager

Delegates to the workshops will receive a free hard copy of the Low Emission Bus Guide, which is also available to download via the Low Emission Bus menu on the Zemo Partnership website.


  1. To encourage the take-up of Low and Zero Emission Buses through providing bus operators with evidence of performance of low carbon and low emission buses and enhance confidence in new technologies. 
  2. To enable bus operators to share their experiences and obtain up-to-date information on the low carbon bus market in an open forum. 
  3. To provide networking opportunities for bus operators, manufacturers and policy makers. 


  • Regional Low & Zero Emission Bus Workshops taking place across the UK. 

Delivery Timetable

March 2017 – present.

Project Steering Group

  • Zemo Partnership - Daniel Hayes, Project Manager
  • Members of Bus Working Group

Previous Workshop Resources

Birmingham Airport 11th December 2018

Principality Stadium, Cardiff, 19th July 2018

Scottish Events Campus (SEC), 8th March 2018

Nottingham Conference Centre, 16th November 2017

University of Leeds Business School, 11th July 2017

University of Manchester, 30th March 2017

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