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Zemo Partnership connects members with access and insights into government policy and technical developments. We provide an independent platform for collaboration and networking across the widest possible group of stakeholders.

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Why Join Zemo Partnership? 

We believe that having the means to move for work and pleasure is a positive thing. But it cannot continue as it is. Transport creates one-fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a dangerous future of climate change. Air quality and transport pollution are problems that society needs to solve.

Members enjoy:

  • Privileged insight and input into the highest levels of corporate and government policy making

  • Collaboration on programmes and initiatives that influence Government policy

  • Participation in exclusive Working Groups

  • Expert advice and privileged access

  • Commentary and updates on events and news that affect your mobility policies and planning

  • Invaluable networking opportunities with like-minded organisations

  • Developing robust tools, testing and techniques that create practical change

  • Complete transparency and access to all our data resources

There is no better time to join our partnership for change. There is no other group working for this goal in the same way in the UK.

The activities of Zemo Partnership are governed through its Articles of Association.

All members are required to accept Zemo Partnership’s membership principles and commitments make a membership contribution and agree to the memorandum & articles of association.

New applicants - process and timings:

  1. Applicants that wish to join Zemo Partnership need to fill in the online application form with the company's details and preferences.
  2. The application is received by the Membership Coordinator and submitted for pre-approval to the Chief Executive. 
  3. Once pre-approved, an online member profile will be added to Zemo Partnerhip's Members Directory and login details provided to the main contact.
  4. An invoice will be raised and sent to the main contact (Note: new members please notify the Membership Coordinator if you require a PO number)
  5. All new members applications are subject to final approval by Zemo Partnership's Members Council which meets four times a year

If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to discuss the process further, please get in touch with