Zemo Partnership's mission is:

"Driving the decisions today that result in practical changes for a cleaner, more sustainable transport world tomorrow”.

Zemo Partnership’s aims are:

  1. To facilitate cross-sectoral engagement between industry and other stakeholders with the aims of:
    • Developing collaborative initiatives that develop the market for low carbon vehicles and fuels
    • Building understanding and consensus regarding the optimal pathways to low carbon road transport
    • Influencing Government and other decision makers on future policy directions and optimal policy mechanisms
  2. To encourage research, demonstration and commercialisation of low carbon automotive technologies in the UK and help UK businesses to participate in emerging markets
  3. To contribute towards the setting and achievement of UK Government targets for carbon reduction from the road transport sector
  4. To coordinate an effective flow of information within and between industry and other stakeholders to:
    • Raise awareness of recent developments and new opportunities
    • Improve knowledge and awareness of key issues
    • Increase stakeholder understanding about the mission of the Partnership and its achievements.

Zemo Partnership reviews its activities, based on the overall objectives, on an annual basis. Progress is reported periodically to the Board.