Zero Emission Bus Webinar Series

Background and Challenge

Zemo Partnership will host a series of webinars open to all industry stakeholders considering the introduction of zero emission bus (ZEB) fleets in the UK. The webinars will share the experience of operators and local authorities who have worked with suppliers to overcome the challenges presented by electrification.


  • To share best practice and understand the challenges and solutions in introducing ZEBs.
  • To host UK-wide workshops in conjunction with local authorities and operators.
  • To produce a post-event report summarising key findings.
  • To promote our ‘Zero and Ultra Low Emission Bus Guide’ to inform smaller bus operators and local authorities about ZEB technologies, grant support and case studies.

Actions and Outputs

Webinars held which will address:

  • Route planning for zero emission buses.
  • Grid connection processes and challenges.
  • Vehicle specifications, ancillary loads and energy efficiency.
  • Practical challenges of depot electrification and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.
  • Driver and passenger experiences.

Four ZEB webinars/workshops will be held with post-workshop recordings and summary reports available online.


July 2021 – March 2022

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Project Manager, Bus Working Group

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