Working Group

Zemo Partnership's Bus & Coach Working Group consists of manufacturers and operators, design engineering companies, passenger transport executives and local authorities. Its role is to develop action programmes to achieve the introduction of Low, Ultra-Low and Zero Emission Buses and Coaches in the UK. The Bus and Coach Working Group plays an active role in informing and influencing UK Government's fiscal policies to encourage the take-up of low and zero emission bus technologies and fuels.

Working Group Activity

The Group's achievements include:

Zero Emission Bus Certification

Devising the testing and accreditation procedures for Zero Emission Bus to approve models for funding from the Department for Transport (DfT).

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Zero Emission Bus Guide (2022)

The essential guide to Zero Emission Buses for operators and local authorities.

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The Clean Vehicle Retrofit Technology Guide (2021)

The updated guide covers technologies accredited for bus, coach, truck, refuse collection vehicles, vans and taxis and provides indicative TCO and case studies.

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The Coach Market Analysis Report (2020)

An analysis of the UK coach market in terms of vehicles in service, annual registrations, annual mileage and associated greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions.

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The Low Emission Bus Guide (2018)

A comprehensive resource on low emission bus (LEB) technology in operation in the UK.

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