Members Council

Zemo Partnership's Board of Directors is supported by a Members Council which provides the Managing Director and the Board with guidance on Partnership activities.

The Council is a permanent sub-committee of the Board with specific delegated responsibilities. The Members Council replaced the Steering Group in 2009 and oversees the work programme and resolves member conflicts. The Chair of the Council is a member of the Board ensuring that the key concerns and priorities of members are heard by the Board. Working Groups nominate their members to be representatives on the Council.

The full Terms of Reference for the Members Council are linked here. The Council is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the content and delivery of the work programme including establishing appropriate Working Groups
  • Overseeing communications activities including the annual conference
  • Approving technical studies prior to their publication to ensure that the outputs of individual Working Group activities reflect the broad range of opinions of stakeholders
  • Directing multi-sectoral activities (that cut-across the activities of several Working Groups)
  • Agreeing the appropriateness of members and in-kind contributions (where this is disputed)

The Board, through the Managing Director, will also consult with the Council on:

  • The annual level of membership contributions
  • The strategic plan of the Partnership
  • Specific policy or technical matters on which it requires the opinion of the Council or any of its Working Groups

The Chair of the Members Council is Philippa Oldham of Advanced Propulsion Centre UK. The Zemo Partnership Lead is Jonathan Murray, Policy and Operations Director. 

See the Our Members section for a full list of Zemo Partnership members.