Zero Emission Coaches

Zemo Partnership is seeking to support the UK coach industry in preparation for a zero emission future. Zemo aims to help the industry adapt to future challenges such as understanding technology challenges and solutions, providing guidance on overcoming infrastructure barriers, and identifying opportunities for funding on the journey to decarbonisation.

To date Zemo Partnership has:

Industry Engagement
  • Worked closely with the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT), including being active members of the CPT Zero Emission Coach Taskforce (ZECT) established to bring industry stakeholders together to understand the key challenges for decarbonising coaches and to develop solutions to overcome barriers.
  • Engaged with the UK Coach Operators Association (UKCOA) and members to provide guidance on decarbonising the coach sector.
  • Zemo Partnership will continue to support and work closely with industry stakeholders including the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT), UK Coach Operators Association (UKCOA) and the Road Haulage Association (RHA), as well as the Department for Transport (DfT) to accelerate the coach industry to zero emission.
''An Analysis of the UK Coach Market'' (2020)
  • Published a report, ''An Analysis of the UK Coach Market'' (2020), on how the UK coach market contributes to road transport greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions, characteristics of the coach industry in terms of operators and journey profiles. The report is available for download here.

Voluntary Zero Emission Coach (ZEC) Accreditation Scheme
  • Developed the Voluntary Zero Emission Coach (ZEC) accreditation scheme which includes a dedicated test cycle and definition criteria, which we will look to integrate into any potential future government funding schemes.
  • Much like Zero Emission Bus Accreditation, the aim of testing and certification would be to ensure that any future dedicated zero emission coach funding encourages WTW GHG savings compared with Euro VI diesel equivalents, in addition to zero emission tailpipe emissions.
  • Zemo Partnership built on a decade of testing and accreditation of low emission and low carbon buses to inform the ZEC test cycle. If you would like further information on the voluntary certification scheme and ZEC testing, please contact .
''Zero Emission Bus Guide'' (2022)
  • Published the first edition of the ''Zero Emission Bus Guide (2022)'' to equip operators and local authorities with an understanding of all the key factors to consider when transitioning to a zero emission fleet.
  • Much of the content in the guide, particularly around charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructure is applicable to coaches. The guide is available for download here.
  • Zemo Partnership is looking to develop the second edition of the guide in 2023, including a new section highlighting zero emission coach technologies. If you're interested in contributing to the new guide, or have content suggestions please contact

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