Life Cycle Analysis use in Zero Emission Bus Policy

As the successful decarbonisation of our bus fleets continues, it’s critical that the ‘whole life’ environmental impact is also considered. Zemo are holding ongoing consultation workshops with our Bus Working Group members, to develop an in-depth framework and recommendations for integrating life cycle CO2e metrics into future zero emission bus policy. We’ll focus on understanding the embedded GHG emissions around vehicle manufacture, operation and disposal; plus the impact of zero emission battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell bus technologies.

Full Project Brief (members only)

  • Examine how to integrate whole vehicle life cycle GHG emission analysis into zero emission bus policy;
  • Understand the embedded GHG emission associated with manufacturing components such as lithium batteries, electric motors, fuel cell stacks and hydrogen storage cylinders;
  • Set common Life Cycle Analysis assumptions (such as the bus life cycle boundary, build of materials, source of greenhouse gas emission factors);
  • Agree a framework for integrating life cycle CO2e metrics in zero emission bus policy in conjunction with the Bus Working Group.

A framework for integrating of life cycle CO2e metric into zero emission bus policy.

August 2022 - November 2022

Dan Hayes

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Programme Manager

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