Zero Emission Vehicle Repower Accreditation Scheme (ZEVRAS)

The transition to a fully zero emission bus fleet is likely to extend beyond 2040. One way of accelerating the transition is to replace existing diesel drivetrains (engine and gearbox) with a new zero emission drivetrain (battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell), a process known as 'repowering'.  To ensure these ‘zero emission repowers’ meet high standards, Zemo Partnerhsip has been commissioned by DfT to develop the Zero Emission Vehicle Repower Accreditation Scheme (ZEVRAS) for buses to provide government and industry with confidence in the solution. Repowered buses with ZEVRAS accreditation are now eligible to claim the 22p/km BSOG ZEB uplift in England.

The technical requirements of ZEVRAS have been designed around the initial requirement for a scheme applicable to M2 and M3 vehicles (buses, minibuses and coaches).  However, the scheme has been designed in a manner to allow its applicability to be expanded to additional vehicle categories in future. 


The key objectives of the scheme are:

  • Formation of a project steering group and technical sub-group (made up of repower suppliers, standards agencies, transport authorities, and testing houses) to develop ZEVRAS standards and regulations in the form of a Code of Practice;
  • Development of product approval and certification process for repower suppliers;
  • Development of company approval process for repower suppliers;
  • Publication of application and guidance documents on ZEVRAS webpage.

The scheme is now open to product and company approvals. The scheme is being operated in collaboration with the Energy Saving Trust. For more information on the scheme, including guidance and application documents, please visit the Energy Saving Trust webpage:

ZEVRAS Webpage