Zero Emission Repower Programme

The transition to a fully zero emission bus fleet is expected to take up to 20 years. One way of speeding this up is to replace existing diesel bus engines with a new zero emission drivetrain.  

To ensure these ‘ZE Repowers’ meet similar high standards to new zero emission buses, Zemo has been commissioned by DfT to develop a Zero Emission Vehicle Repower Accreditation Scheme (ZEVRAS) for buses which will give government confidence in this solution, enabling operators to claim the 22p/km BSOG ZEB uplift.

Full Project Brief (members only)

Develop a Zero Emission Repower Accreditation Scheme for buses:

  • Formation of project steering group and technical sub-group to develop ZEVRAS standards and regulations;
  • Development of ZEB certification & accreditation process for repower suppliers;
  • Application and guidance documents published on ZEVRAS webpage;
  • Pilot a ZEVRAS validation programme.
  • Publication of a ZEVRAS Code of Practice outlining standards and regulations for repowered vehicles under the scheme;
  • Publication of application and guidance documentation on ZEVRAS webpage for product and company approval;

  • Completion of ZEVRAS pilot accreditation scheme to validate processes.

April 2022 - March 2023

Dan Hayes

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Programme Manager

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