Zero Emission Bus Scheme Support

Zemo Partnership has defined a Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) to support UK national funding schemes such as the DfT’s Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas (ZEBRA) and BSOG ZEB uplift. The aim of the definition is to ensure that zero emission bus funding encourages well-to-wheel greenhouse gas savings compared with Euro VI diesels as well as zero emission at the tailpipe.

To achieve accreditation and certification, vehicles must:

  • have no combustion engines on-board (including diesel heaters);
  • produce no regulated emissions from the tailpipe(s);
  • achieve a 50% well-to-wheel greenhouse gas saving compared to a conventional Euro VI diesel over the UK Bus Cycle.

Zemo Partnership built on a decade of testing and accreditation of low emission and low carbon buses, such as the Low and Ultra Low Emission Bus Accreditation processes, to inform the ZEB definition. 

The ZEB definition is being used in an accreditation and certification process which requires manufacturers to test vehicles over the UK Bus Cycle to demonstrate that they meet the required definition.  Following publication of a ZEB certificates, vehicles become eligible for funding schemes.

Zemo Partnership will support industry to accredit vehicles and publish certificates on the Zemo website. 

  • To support and engage with members seeking to gain Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) accreditation.
  • Support industry in the ZEB certification process;
  • Review UK Bus Cycle test data and generate ZEB certificates;
  • Publication of approved certificates on Zemo Partnership website.

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