Zero Emission Bus Definition & Accreditation Process

Background and Challenge

Zemo Partnership is developing the definition of a Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) to support UK national funding schemes, such as the DfT’s Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas. This definition aims to ensure that zero emission bus funding achieves well-to-wheel greenhouse gas savings compared with Euro VI diesels, as well as zero emission at the tailpipe.

Consultation Documents for Member Comment

Please provide your feedback on the following DRAFT Zero Emission Bus documentation by Friday, 3 September to the Project Manager,

DRAFT ZEB Certificate -  Electric Bus  DRAFT ZEB Certificate - Hydrogen Bus 
DRAFT Zero Emission Minibus Certificate  UK Bus Cycle Test Guidance
Supporting ZEB Certificate Application Form  Hydrogen WTT Emission Factor Methodology


  • To use the ZEB definition in an accreditation and certification process, requiring OEMs to test vehicles over the UK Bus Cycle and demonstrate definition compliance.
  • To engage members by submitting views and discussing the evidence.

Actions and Outputs

  • A Zero Emission Bus definition.
  • The development of a robust test and accreditation process.
  • Support industry in the ZEB certification process.
  • Publication of approved certificates on Zemo Partnership website.
  • Optional: Webinar to inform industry of accreditation process and claiming incentives for ZEB.


April 2021– July 2021

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Programme Manager

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