Zero Emission Bus Guide

Zemo Partnership is developing the Zero Emission Bus Guide which aims to set out the benefits of zero emission buses (ZEBs) combined with renewable energy that will help improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The guide aims to provide an overview of new technologies and supporting infrastructure, and the key processes that operators and local authorities need to be aware of when transitioning away from diesel buses, highlighted in the guide by a range of industry case studies.

The guide will also outline the latest national policies and funding schemes for zero emission buses in the UK alongside the total cost of ownership factors that operators should consider when procuring new zero emission buses and infrastructure.

The guide is seeking:

  • To provide operators and local authorities with an up to date understanding of their options and solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from bus fleets.
  • To assess the latest infrastructure solutions and certified vehicles now available to support zero emission operations.
  • To outline the grant funding shcmes and operational incentives available to operators looking to procure a zero emission vehicles.
  • To develop a range of industry case studies to highlight best practice.
  • Zero Emission Bus Guide (digital and print copy).
  • Distribution via ZEB Workshop series, Bus Working Group meetings, website and social media.

Download the Zero Emission Bus Guide 

April 2022 – November 2022

Dan Hayes

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Programme Manager

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