Zero Emission Bus Guide

Zemo Partnership has launched the First Edition of the Zero Emission Bus Guide. The guide aims to set out the benefits of zero emission buses (ZEBs) combined with renewable energy that will help improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The adoption of zero emission technologies in the UK bus market is accelerating, with many new operators and local authorities starting fleet transitions away from combustion technologies. The ZEB Guide aims to support this transition with key information such as : 

  • battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric technologies explained ;
  • considerations for procuring and installing infrastructure to support ZEB operations ;
  • UK grant funding and incentive schemes;
  • certified ''Zero Emission Bus'' models ;
  • total cost of ownership (TCO) factors ;
  • wider environmental considerations, including well-to-wheel greenhouse gas performance;
  • new training and skills required ;
  • the role of “repowering” diesel buses with zero emission powertrains ;
  • case studies to demonstrate the real-world solutions for both small and large fleets.

ZEB technologies have now reached a stage of maturity that enable deployment on commercial bus services, so much so that all of the large operators in the UK have commitments for going entirely zero emission. In 2021, 50% of all new buses sold in the UK were zero emission. The UK’s success in rapidly transforming the UK bus market from a significant part of the emissions problem to being a vital component of the solution in terms of clean mobility is a demonstration of effective collaboration between technology developers, operators, policy makers and other stakeholders.

The development of robust assessment processes such as the Zero Emission Bus Accreditation scheme, alongside the introduction of government support schemes such as the Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas (ZEBRA) scheme and the newly introduced 22p/km BSOG ZEB incentive, have been important building blocks in this process.  Zemo Partnership continues to advise government policy through our Bus Working Group which meets annually.

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Zemo Partnership is looking to develop a Second Edition of the Zero Emission Bus Guide in 2023. If you're interested in contributing to the guide or have content suggestions, please contact 

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