Zero Emission Bus Workshops


Information provision is key to the uptake of new zero emission bus (ZEB) technologies and low carbon fuels. How to understand the challenges arising from changes in the industry’s operational models is best addressed by best practice sharing, particularly in areas such as total cost of ownership (TCO) and charging/refuelling regimes.

The Secretariat will build on the last 2 years of successful regional workshops by running further events focussed on ZEBs and charging infrastructure. The workshops will receive insight from local authorities and bus operators already using ZEB technologies, highlighting the main challenges, solutions and the environmental and financial benefits. Technologies to be covered will include plug-in hybrids, battery electric and hydrogen buses as well as pantograph, AC and DC charging techniques and low carbon hydrogen production and refuelling infrastructure. This project will link with Zemo Partnership’s Electrification of fleets: current best practice and barriers and opportunities to future deployment project.


  • To share best practice and understand challenges and solutions for introducing ZEB technologies and infrastructure
  • To host three regional ZEB Workshops across the UK in partnership with local authorities
  • To produce a post-event report summarising key findings and discussions after each workshop
  • To promote the ULEB/LEB Guide to inform smaller bus operators and local authorities about ZEB technologies, grant support and case studies.
Deliverables Date
Regional workshops and summary reports
  • June 2019 - Guildford
  • December 2019 - Reading
  • February 2020- Birmingham Airport
  • April 2020 - Newport, Wales
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Dan Hayes

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Dan Hayes

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