Commercial Fleet & Depot Electrification


The number of fully electric and range-extended vehicles available in the CV sector has increased with usage focused on towns and cities. Whilst many commercial fleets are seeking to electrify, the barriers to doing so are sizable with many existing depots restricted in their available power supply and therefore their ability to accommodate large scale vehicle recharging. Although smart solutions are being developed such as power demand scheduling and on-site renewable electricity generation and/or storage, these are unlikely to solve the problems everywhere.

Building on the work of the Electric Vehicle Energy Task Force (EVET), this project will develop guidance around the commercial depot-based charging challenge and will be interlink with LowCVP’s Electrification of Fleets - Current best practice & barriers and opportunities to future deployment project.


  • To develop guidance and support for fleets adopting electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • To work closely with members across their bus, commercial vehicle and electric infrastructure activity
  • To develop a set of complementary case studies and guidance to disseminate best practice and consistency across the market
  • To create an expert group to identify barriers and opportunities to increase the electrification of commercial fleets. Hydrogen is not planned to be included unless there is sufficient member demand to support this.

Project Management & Stakeholder Engagement

LowCVP Secretariat and an appointed contractor, in collaboration with stakeholders from CVWG, BWG, EVET and local authorities.

Timeline & Deliverables

Refer to project: Electrification of Fleets - Current best practice & barriers and opportunities to future deployment project.

Workshop Resources

Zero Emission Fleets Workshop Perth, SSE, 4th December 2019

Below are the presentations from the morning session of the workshop for download

  1. Introduction to SSE
  2. Electric Taxi Fleet Deployment - Dundee City Council
  3. Electric Taxi Fleet Operator - Ryan Todd
  4. Improving Operational Effeciencies - EcoStars
  5. Time of use charging for EV users - ReFLEX project Orkney - RYSE

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