The LowCVP is supporting the DfT, OEMs and ULEB bid winners with technical advice on testing and network support to ensure the successful rollout of the ULEB scheme in England and Wales. This support will include a content refresh of the Low Emission Bus Guide to include a new chapter on the ULEB scheme, certified bus models and available technologies and fuels. The Partnership will engage with local authorities and bus operators who have deployed ULEB technologies to garner new and relevant case studies for an evolving market focusing more on zero emission mileage which improves air quality in towns and cities.

In 2018, DfT and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles announced a £48million package capital grant funding to support the purchase of Ultra Low Emission Buses and supporting infrastructure in England and Wales. The grant money is aimed at accelerating the deployment of Ultra-Low Emission Buses in fleets, to further improve air quality in towns and cities and reduce well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions from bus fleet operations. In February 2019, the DfT announced the winners of the ULEB Scheme, funding 263 Ultra Low Emission Buses across England and Wales.


  • Provide technical support to OEMs seeking ULEB accreditation for bus models.
  • Engage with ULEB bid winners to troubleshoot any initial issues to ensure long-term success of projects.
  • Provide network support between stakeholders to ensure constant communication.
  • Refresh LEB guide with new chapters on ULEB scheme and other relevant information and also promote the guide.

Project Management & Stakeholder Engagement

The LowCVP with Bus WG member collaboration including OEMs, operators, local authorities, fuel suppliers, technology and infrastructure providers.

Timeline & Deliverables

April – March 2020

Deliverables Date

Website update with ULEB accredited certificates


Launch refreshed ULEB/LEB Guide

End of Q1 2020

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