Market Monitoring & Developing Policy

Background & Challenges

There are a large number of Low Emission Bus (LEB) and Ultra-Low Emission Bus (ULEB) schemes and initiatives in operation throughout the UK. The Zemo Partnership Bus Working Group sits at the centre of these, supporting the Government scheme development and evidence building, and collecting bus registration data with OEMS and operators to understand the rate of LEB/ULEB uptake. Disseminating this data and collaborating in potential future schemes is a core activity of the bus working group members.

(Note: Zemo Partnership is already supporting DfT and Transport Scotland in terms of the shape of future grant schemes, such as a possible ‘Plug-in Bus’ grant, similar to that already in place for cars and vans.)


  • To support the development of an evidence-base to help policy makers understand the rate of LEB/ULEB uptake and inform a better understanding of the effectiveness of existing grant (LEB, ULEB) and operational support (BSOG) schemes

    To develop a useful and accurate set of data from LEB/ULEB trials

Actions & Outputs

  • Workshop and technical support to the DfT's 'All Electric Bus Town' funding round
  • Support to manufacturers and technology providers for ULEB and ZEB certification
  • Zemo Partnership monitoring of LCEB, LEB ULEB and ZEB uptake
  • Technical support to DfT and TRL with LEBS monitoring and dissemination
  • Support DfT and Transport Scotland with the award of future funding rounds and the development of existing grant schemes


Ongoing - continuous market review 

Dan Hayes

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Programme Manager

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