Extending the ULEB Scheme: Coaches & Minibuses

Background & Challenge

The Ultra-Low Emission Bus Scheme (ULEB) was developed to focus on traditional ‘big bus’ urban operation vehicles (40-100 passenger capacity). With diversification of the market and new technology innovation, both the minibus (87,000 vehicles) and coach sectors (28,000 vehicles) may play a more significant role in decarbonisation. Building on previous research, this project aims to develop the evidence, data and the testing requirements needed to enable Ultra Low Emission Bus assessment and policy tools to be extended to cover the whole public passenger fleet.


  • To develop an Ultra-Low Emission Minibus definition and certification scheme
  • To develop a Low and Ultra-Low Emission Coach definition and certification scheme
  • To identify opportunities for encouraging the uptake of ultra-Low and zero emission-capable vehicles that fall outside the current ULEB scheme and/or BSOG support
  • To make recommendations to government

Actions & Outputs

  • Using the 2019 research to highlight the carbon saving potential, and barriers and opportunities in the coach and minibus sectors.
  • Definition of a suitable test programme for Euro VI diesel coaches as a benchmark of the baseline emissions performance of modern coaches across a range of vehicle sizes and passenger capacities
  • Identification of Low and Ultra-Low Emission Coach/Minibus definitions, setting a greenhouse gas reduction target against a Euro VI/6 diesel baseline
  • Creation of a framework for potential policy interventions to support operators in purchasing Low/Ultra Emission Coaches/Minibuses
  • Zemo Partnership Secretariat to host workshops and direct interviews with key stakeholders to feed into final recommendation report
  • To produce a recommendations report on the most appropriate changes to the structure of BSOG to encourage a shift to Ultra-Low Emission Minibuses


April – October 2020

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Programme Manager

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