Accelerating the Coach Market to Zero Emissions

Background and Challenge

Zemo Partnership, with our members, is embarking on an ambitious project to accelerate the coach market to ultra low and zero emission vehicles.

The coach industry provides a range of key services; from low cost intercity travel to tourist day trips, to home-to-school services. A key advantage of diesel coaches is their flexibility across a range of duty cycles, with operators able to use the same vehicles on different services day-to-day, over large distances.

The transition to fully zero emission vehicles is a significant challenge due to the upfront costs (and no direct capital support), vehicle range and infrastructure limitations. There are, however, a suite of alternatives available to operators, including high blend biofuels.


Zemo Partnership will work with members and key associates:

  • To evidence the case for an ultra low and zero emission coach capital grant scheme.
  • To develop a definition of an ultra low and zero emission coach to support this work.
  • To promote best practice in the transition to lower carbon and zero emission coaches via webinars and workshops.

Actions and Outputs

  • An ultra low and zero emission coach definition.
  • A proposal for an ultra low/zero emission coach scheme.
  • Distribution of the ultra low/zero emission coach definition and findings via a Coach Working Group meeting.
  • A Euro VI diesel coach test programme to define baseline emissions performance (subject to funding from industry/government).


October 2021 – March 2022

Dan Hayes

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Dan Hayes

Programme Manager

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