Zemo Zero Emission Mobility Taskforce


Welcome to the Zemo Zero Emission Mobility Taskforce

The independent taskforce for delivering the UK’s sustainable, zero emission mobility future.

The harsh reality is that, as the climate emergency intensifies, not enough is being done to overcome the catastrophic crisis ahead.

The Zemo Zero Emission Mobility Taskforce has been set up to change this.

Working with our members, this new Taskforce aims to raise Zemo’s profile and influence as a leading authority on the policies and pathways vital for our net zero success. It will monitor the UK’s progress. Identify where the gaps are. Engage with government, industry, consumer groups, experts and our members at the highest level to ensure the right policies are implemented and actions not only taken – but delivered.

Zemo is uniquely placed to make this happen. Building upon our hard-fought success and experience over the last two decades; drawing on the trust and respect we’ve established; driving the cross-sector collaboration that’s part of Zemo’s DNA and vital to our sustainable transport future.

Zemo Zero Emission Delivery Dashboard – bringing progress to life

As our Zemo Roadmaps are published, we’ll provide an interactive snapshot of the progress being made against the agreed targets. Where delivery is falling short, we’ll highlight the shortfalls; expose outstanding actions and who’s then responsible to key senior decision makers.

Zemo Zero Emission Mobility Steering Group

Shaping our sustainable mobility future. A select group of high profile influential senior Zemo members from industry, academia, expert groups and all levels of government; with an independent Chair. Acting as ambassadors to engage senior decision makers at the highest level; helping to ensure the key actions within our roadmaps are acted upon and delivered.

Zemo Roadmap Working Groups - play your part

Zemo Roadmaps form a core part of our regular Working Group activity. So to have your say and help shape our policy roadmaps, please ensure you register for our next Working Group meetings by clicking below:

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Get involved - and help shape the future

Zemo members play a vital role and your support is invaluable to us. If you have any comments or would like to register your interest in the Taskforce, please get in touch: Members@Zemo.org.uk

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