Zemo & MCIA Powered Light Vehicle Community – shaping the future of zero emission lightweight transport.

From electric mopeds (L1) to last mile delivery vehicles (L7), the L-Category provides an array of exciting opportunities to decarbonise transport using smaller, lighter, electrified vehicles.

To ensure we maximise the enormous possibilities these ‘Powered Light Vehicles’ offer, Zemo Partnership and the MCIA have been asked by Government to help deliver on a key Transport Decarbonisation Plan commitment by now bringing this community together – and we’d love you to be a part of it.

The Powered Light Vehicle Community unites users, manufacturers, central and local Government and other key stakeholders to drive forward the initiatives, policies and innovations necessary to realise the full potential of zero emission Powered Light Vehicles.

Working alongside the MCIA’s ‘UKM’ group, we’ll provide an invaluable independent platform for debate and collaboration; both championing what’s already been achieved today whilst assessing and accelerating what’s now being delivered through the Government-endorsed Zemo & MCIA PLV Action Plan.

To build momentum and encourage cross-sector collaboration, we are keen to open our PLV community to as many interested parties as possible, so please do get in touch.

Join our new Powered Light Vehicle Community and, by working together, help to deliver a future of sustainable, zero emission lightweight transport that’s better for all.