The Zemo & MCIA Powered Light Vehicle Action Plan

To realise the full potential of zero emission Powered Light Vehicles, we need a clear vision and set of ambitious collaborative actions to follow. Fully endorsed by Government, the Zemo & MCIA ‘PLV Action Plan’ provides just that.

Published by Zemo Partnership and the MCIA in February 2022, it delivers on a key commitment from the Government’s landmark ‘Transport Decarbonisation Plan’ by providing Government and industry with a hard-hitting ten-point PLV Action Plan across four key themes:

1.    A review of existing L-Category vehicle regulation to ensure it remains fit for purpose and caters for the evolution of future zero emission PLVs, including assessing the potential for a new vehicle category.
2.    Developing the component and system supply chain in the UK for zero emission L3-Category powered two-wheelers (PTWs) to encourage new entrants to the market, lower manufacturing costs and maximise the potential for GHG emission savings.
3.    Developing the manufacturing base and supply chain in the UK for zero emission L7 cargo vehicles to increase the number and availability of models on the market, providing a greater degree of consumer and fleet choice.

4.    A review of the current grant and incentivisation structure in the PLV sector, including adopting learning from other vehicle categories where the roll out of zero emission tailpipe vehicles has proven successful.
5.    Conducting a public awareness campaign jointly led by Government and industry to promote the existence, availability, and benefits of zero emission PLVs to consumers and businesses.

6.    Simplifying the existing licensing regime across all L-Category segments to improve access to zero emission PLVs for a wider section of the community, increasing access, uptake and adoption.
7.    Increasing mobility in rural communities by providing access to affordable zero emission PLV solutions using initiatives such as Wheels to Work.

8.    Engaging with local authorities through the Local Authority Transport Decarbonisation Toolkit to ensure zero emission PLVs form part of an integrated transport solution for the UK.
9.    Creating a formal L-Category community to engage with the Government and monitor the delivery of this Action Plan.
10.    Engaging with industry to ensure zero emission PLVs are considered and incorporated into the development of the EV charging infrastructure.

Working together to deliver the Zemo & MCIA PLV Action Plan

One of the PLV Community’s key objectives is to ensure that our Government-endorsed PLV Action Plan is successfully delivered. To help achieve this, we will:

  • Continually monitor the ongoing progress of the Zemo & MCIA PLV Action Plan.
  • Provide regular updates to our community members.
  • Where necessary, call upon our members for their guidance, insight and input on progress to date, and any additional support they can offer.
  • Keep our community aware of any new initiatives to promote PLV uptake.
  • Always provide an independent platform for debate and cross-sector collaboration amongst all stakeholders.