Working Group

Our Joint Working Groups combine the efforts of two or more project areas, or work in a new area that sits outside our other pillars. Creating Joint Working Groups lets us pick the most effective stakeholders and contributors to work together towards a common goal.

Joint Working Groups are overseen by the Members Council and work towards change through projects that cut across normal categories. This includes areas like vehicle life-cycle CO2 analysis, the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Scheme and innovation integration across all working groups.

Working Group Activity

The Group's achievements include:

Powered Light Vehicles: Opportunities for Low Carbon L-Category Vehicles in the UK

Report produced by LowCVP and collaborators interested in promoting L-Category vehicle uptake in the UK.

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Life Cycle Assessment Seminar

An introduction and overview of the work Zemo Partnership (as the LowCVP) and APC performed on Life Cycle Assessment.

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Understanding Life Cycles for Future Policy

Presentation given at LCV2018 event, Millbrook, 12 September 2018, on the day of publication of report by Ricardo, commissioned by the Zemo Partnership (previously LowCVP).

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Philippa Oldham

Council Chair:
Philippa Oldham

Stakeholder Engagement Director, APC UK

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