Developing the Zero Emission Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme: Creating a Code of Practice for EV Retrofit

Background and Challenge

This project will create and develop a code of practice for EV retrofit installations, based upon our preliminary conclusions from the ‘EV Retrofit Impact on CVRAS’ project, which will be published as a publicly accessible standard (PAS) to form a key part of the zero emission vehicle retrofit accreditation scheme (ZEVRAS).

A review of processes and procedures associated with the certification and registration of EV retrofit vehicles will also be undertaken.


  • To propose areas for consideration within a code of practice, supported by the EV retrofit special interest group and Zemo membership.
  • To support an organisation such as the Faraday Institution in the creation and publication of a PAS.
  • To support the DVLA in examining the process for assigning ‘fuel type’ to EV retrofit vehicles.
  • To support the DVLA in a review of the assessment criteria to determine when it is necessary for a vehicle to be re-registered.
  • To support the DVSA in a review of the IVA process relating to EV retrofit vehicles.

Actions and Outputs

  • Engage the EV retrofit special interest group in a series of workshop events to discuss proposed scope and content for a code of practice.
  • Publication of a code of practice for EV retrofit conversions in the form of a publicly accessible standard
  • Propose process recommendations for fuel type assignment, re-registration assessment and IVA assessment for EV retrofit conversions to the DVLA and DVSA respectively.


October 2021 – March 2022 (project will continue into FY 2022)

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Jonathan Murray

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Jonathan Murray

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