Zemo E10 Compatibility Checker

To achieve our zero emissions future, we're thinking about far more than just new vehicles. Over the next decade, some of our biggest immediate opportunities will come from reducing the overall CO2 emissions of the existing 21m+ petrol vehicles on our roads.

That's why Zemo has long championed the introduction of E10 petrol - a more environmentally-friendly blend with up to 10% renewable ethanol (versus up to 5% today), which becomes the standard grade of petrol from 1 September 2021.

Every new petrol car and van built since 2011 was designed to use E10 petrol, and over 95% of all the petrol vehicles on our roads today are compatible. However, a small number of older or classic cars and motorbikes may not be approved for E10 petrol and should continue to use E5.

To help these drivers, we've worked with our members to develop a quick and easy number plate driven Zemo E10 Compatibility Checker.

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Know Your Fuel. Standard petrol is changing to E10. E10 contains up to 10% bioethanol. When safe, check your vehicle at gov.uk/E10checker

Things you need to know

Our beta E10 compatibility checker is subject to ongoing development and uses a combination of DVLA, and DVSA MOT data combined with E10 compatibility guidance from the industry bodies ACEA, ACEM and public compatibility information from a variety of sources. Any vehicles not listed within the DVLA or DVSA databases or with incomplete data are not therefore included. 

Please be aware that inconsistencies between the DVLA and DVSA MOT data may mean a vehicle’s manufacture date is displayed incorrectly, which in extreme cases could provide an incorrect E10 result. As all of this data and guidance is outside our control, whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the tool, New Automotive and Zemo Partnership take no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the results provided by this checker.

If you are in any doubt, you should continue to use E5 petrol and contact your vehicle manufacturer for more information.

Zemo is unable to respond to private queries about E10 compatibility, but manufacturers can contact to update their information.