E10 Petrol Introduction and Launch

Background and Challenge

E10 petrol is being introduced into the UK from September 2021. This fuel contains up to 10% renewable ethanol (versus up to 5% today) which, if widely adopted, should achieve an immediate reduction in the overall CO2 emissions from the current 30m petrol vehicles on UK roads.

However, whilst the vast majority of petrol cars and vans are fully compatible with (and designed to use) E10, there is a danger that a lack of consumer awareness and understanding of this new fuel grade at launch could cause confusion and delays at the pumps or, worse, limit its longer term uptake.


  • To support DfT in achieving a smooth, trouble free consumer introduction and launch of E10 petrol.
  • To maximise consumer awareness, understanding and uptake of E10 and the environmental benefits it brings.
  • To reassure motorists that E10 is safe to use in the vast majority of vehicles, whilst making it easy to discover if your car is not compatible, and what to do next.
  • To bring industry and policy together to collaborate on an integrated DfT centrally-produced consumer campaign for industry-wide use.

Actions and Outputs

  • A series of Zemo Partnership-led E10 working group meetings from April to September.
  • The establishment of a marketing sub-group to inform and collaborate on the DfT central campaign, encouraging and facilitating group input and feedback throughout.
  • Leading relevant stakeholders to develop an accurate, intuitive, easy-to-use E10 vehicle compatibility checker to be made available at www.zemo.org.uk.
  • Support and amplification of the E10 introduction through Zemo Partnership PR and other activities/channels.


April 2021 – September 2021, in line with E10 launch.

Vehicle checker required for July 2021.

Jason Doran

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Jason Doran

Head of Marketing

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