Complying with Clean Air Zones: Workshop Series

Background & Challenge

Clean Air Zones (CAZs), which include a range of regulations and incentives to deter the most polluting vehicles from entering areas of poor air quality, are now due to be implemented in 2021 in cities including Birmingham and Bath. (There will also be changes to the Low Emission Zone in London.)

Zemo Partnership has identified that key stakeholders are not fully aware of the implications for their operations or of the opportunities to meet compliance.


  • To foster knowledge sharing between local authorities; create a community for sharing best practice in terms of responses to the introduction of CAZs
  • To develop clear & consistent messaging for all stakeholders relating to CAZ
  • To clearly present the vehicle options available (Zemo Partnership published guides for buses, vans, retrofits, etc)
  • To contribute to the successful introduction of CAZs in UK cities
  • To bring together the primary stakeholders and suppliers (both OEM and retrofit) able to support local authorities and operators with CAZ implementation and compliance

Actions & Outputs

  • Through liaison with members of the Zemo Partnership working groups, the Secretariat to engage local authority representatives, vehicle manufacturers, fuel suppliers, technology & infrastructure providers in organising workshops with funding support from members - Ongoing.
  • A workshop to be held in two or more of the key cities set to introduce a CAZ prior to the launch - Awaiting start.


April 2020 – March 2021

Zemo Partnership Lead:
James McGeachie

Technical & Programme Director

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