Climate Change/AQ Joint Initiative

The news that London breached annual pollution limits in the first week of 2016, following the announcement that Government plans to introduce Clean Air Zones in five areas by 2020, provided the backdrop to the event which launched this initiative, jointly brokered by Zemo Partnership (then the LowCVP) and the Clean Air Alliance on March 1st 2016.

The landmark climate agreement in Paris has also provided a new impetus for policy makers around the world to tackle climate change. Recent developments have pushed both air quality and climate up the political agenda. It is vital that both priorities are considered in the development of policy.

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The aims of the initiative

  •  To demonstrate the climate change and air quality communities working hand-in-hand.
  •  To show how many policies aimed at tackling climate change also serve to limit air pollution.
  •  To help identify any areas of tension or confusion between the two agendas and explore how coordinated activity can help to resolve both, for the benefit of all.

High-level communiqué

This ground breaking collaboration featured the announcement on March 1st of a joint, high-level communiqué, agreed between the lower carbon and air quality communities and signed by fourteen organisations. Download the high-level communiqué

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