Powered Light Vehicles: Policy Development


The UK market for Powered Light Vehicles (PLVs, also known as L-category vehicles) is complex and fragmented compared to other European markets. With the growth in micromobility and advent of small city cars, the policy arena is increasingly blurred and, potentially, misleading for consumers.

Zemo Partnership has developed a close collaboration with the MCIA (trade body for the sector) and aims to scale-up work to identify the market opportunities and appropriate policies to stimulate further robust and zero emission uptake in this sector.


  • To stimulate the development of the UK PLV sector (supply and demand markets)
  • To review and propose policy and regulatory adaptations to better match the vehicle types and usage

Actions & Outputs

  • Response to the Future of Mobility consultation - Completed
  • Run workshop with the PLV interest group to identify specific policy barriers - Ongoing
  • Develop proposals for potential funded trial (Innovate) activity in PLVs - Ongoing


May 2020 – March 2021 

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