Cleaning the Commercial Fleet

Background & Challenge

With the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) framework of 2017, Zemo Partnership and EST were commissioned by JAQU (Defra's Joint Air Quality Unit) to develop the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS) across the widest range of vehicles possible. The programme continues with further certification programme and testing funds, together with development of in-service monitoring and enforcement regimes.

In 2020/21, Zemo Partnership will continue to provide expert technical oversight and support to the CVRAS scheme, developing new certification processes where needed and to support EST in delivering the ongoing support to the retrofit markets.


  • To further develop the range of retrofit solutions to cut polluting emissions from commercial vehicles - Ongoing
  • To develop the in-service monitoring regimes and enforcement processes for continued CVRAS success - Ongoing 
  • To disseminate and promote the CVRAS options to the CAZ cities, support funding schemes and signposting for operators affected - Completed

Actions & Outputs

  • Ongoing technical review and workshops with EST and relevant industry leaders to ensure the CVRAS scheme continues to set the standard for robust retrofits
  • Bespoke advice and expert support to retrofit companies and test houses to ensure continued coordination of all certification activities
  • Regional workshops combined with Bus and Commercial Vehicle Working Groups to promote the CVRAS option within CAZ compliance and clean air delivery schemes


April 2020 – March 2021

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