Role of Hydrogen in Net-Zero Road Transport

Background & Challenge

There is increasing interest in the role of hydrogen as an energy vector with potential for contributing to the decarbonisation of road transport and, in particular, heavy-duty vehicles. There is a need to identify and agree the potential for hydrogen to help in the delivery of net zero transport. This group will work to identify areas where useful interventions might be made in terms of the future role of hydrogen in transport.


  • To prepare a work programme for the next two years which shall include developing robust and representative data sets on well-to-tank low carbon hydrogen production pathways specific to the UK, hydrogen consumption in different propulsion systems and overall well-to-wheel GHG emissions and energy efficiency.

Actions & Outputs

  • Establishment of a stakeholder community including hydrogen & infrastructure suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, industry trade bodies and others 
  • Review of current hydrogen production pathways, market conditions, GHG impacts etc
  • Engage with UK Govt’s Business & Energy Dept (BEIS) hydrogen supply team to understand how hydrogen for transport currently fits into the Department’s policy work
  • Zemo Partnership to host one (or more) stakeholder workshop(s) focusing on the current situation in terms of hydrogen in transport and future potential interventions
  • A position paper to be produced outlining key themes and potential actions


July 2020 to March 2021

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Gloria Esposito

Head of Sustainability

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