Supporting E10 Petrol Marketing Campaign

Background & Challenge

Raising the proportion of ethanol in petrol from the current limit of 5% to 10% (E10) has the potential to significantly reduce emissions from road transport. The proposed change (under Government consultation in spring 2020),  represents a large volume of road fuel. If E10 is to be introduced successfully, it is critical that the general public are properly informed about the environmental benefits and other impacts of the introduction. (The project will re-establish a group based around the earlier E10 stakeholder group.)


  • To support the smooth, trouble-free introduction of E10 petrol

Actions & Outputs

  • This project will focus on delivering a (paid-for) multi-faceted communications campaign (through Design 102) aiming to ensure motorists are fully informed about the new fuel and seeking to avoid negative coverage
  • It will involve: managing the development and delivery of an E10 public information campaign and accompanying media toolkit
  • Supporting the delivery of a wide-scale (paid for) consumer media campaign
  • Other potential support activities such as hosting an E10 vehicle checker and campaign ‘Know Your Fuel’ website; engagement with dealerships through NFDA



Zemo Partnership Lead:
Gloria Esposito

Head of Sustainability

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