Plug-in Grant Proposals for Zero Emission Commercial Vehicles

Background and Challenge

To help accelerate the uptake of zero emission commercial vehicles, Zemo Partnership will work with its members to develop detailed proposals for enhancing the Plug-in Truck and Van grant schemes, with a particular focus on test procedures and assessment criteria. This will  be submitted to the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).


  • To use expertise within the Partnership team, aided by our members, to develop test and assessment protocols for enhanced Plug-in Truck and Plug-in Van grant schemes to be adopted by OZEV.
  • To assist vehicle suppliers and test facilities through the application/assessment processes.
  • To build knowledge of EU/VECTO reporting and assessment protocols as they develop and to identify future alignment opportunities.

Actions and Outputs


  • Delivery of assessment protocol proposals – May 2021
  • Ongoing engagement with applicants, test houses, OZEV and VECTO experts thereafter – March 2022

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Brian Robinson

Commercial Vehicle Emissions Consultant

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