Plug-in Grant for Zero Emissions Commercial Vehicles

To stimulate the uptake of zero emission commercial vehicles, Zemo is working closely with government and our members to support the new Plug-in Truck Grant scheme by developing test plans, reviewing and analysing test data, providing technical guidance for applicants submitting vehicles for assessment and preparing and issuing test certificates.

Full Project Brief (members only)

  • To review and analyse test data
  • To develop and issue test certificates
  • To provide technical guidance for applicants submitting vehicles for assessment.            
  • Develop test certificate format with Zemo members.
  • Issue test certificates for successful applications (subject to agreement by applicants).
  • Certificates to be hosted on Zemo website.
  • Consult members on initial design of test certificate August 2022
  • Launch October 2022.
  • Ongoing ad-hoc work thereafter throughout 2022/23.
Brian Robinson

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Brian Robinson

Commercial Vehicle Emissions Consultant

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