Achieving Clarity in Consumer Van Information

Project Summary

A major challenge in the transition to lower emission light commercial vehicles is understanding the performance and capabilities of new models, particularly for consumers to fully assess the business and usage cases to accelerate the switch away from diesel. 

This project sought to address the lack of clear, consistent, and relevant information in the battery electric light commercial vehicle market. The project identifies a WLTP-based (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) dataset for new battery electric van listings to provide this information, along with recommendations for its effective presentation to consumers. 

Full Project Brief (members only)


  • To establish a member steering group to provide guidance to Zemo analysis and report writing/data presentation. 
  • To review existing information provision across publicly available resources to identify problem areas in data provision and propose remedial actions. 

  • To make recommendations to stakeholders for effective and consistent provision of information to consumers and operators.  


Actions and Achievements


  • Steering group formation - May 2022. 

  • Reviewed publicly available van listing information - Winter 2022/23. 

  • Published the “Clarity in Van Information” report, which includes next step recommendations - September 2023. 

  • Published stakeholder recommendations via the “Battery Electric Van Data Requirements” infographic - September 2023. 

Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson

Commercial Vehicle Emissions Consultant

Emily Stevens

Zemo Partnership Support:
Emily Stevens

Project Officer

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