Developing an Ultra-Low Emission Truck Standard


The UK Government’s 2018 Road-to-Zero Strategy committed to “working with industry to develop an ultra-low emission standard for trucks.” The initiative will provide clarity on anticipated emission standards and promote increased R&D and testing of suitable technologies. Establishing a ULET standard may allow for future incentives for the use of, or infrastructure for, cleaner alternatively fuelled HGVs.

Early in 2018, LowCVP was asked by Innovate UK to begin the process of developing a set of whole-vehicle emissions standards for HGVs (building Ultra-Low Emission Bus standards) to act as a benchmark for technology developers and OEMs aiming to have their vehicles recognised as Ultra-Low Emission Trucks (ULETs). The standards could also form the pillar for a subsequent government-incentivised market roll-out. The project will build on this initial set of ideas and principles to finalize a set of proposals for a ULET standard.


  • Defining an appropriate segmentation of HGV vehicle types
  • Defining how the GHG emissions from the existing test cycles should be combined into a single emissions figure for each segment
  • Defining an appropriate set of conventional diesel Euro VI baselines
  • Establishing an evidence-based set of ULET emissions reduction criteria
  • Ensuring appropriate links to existing policy mechanisms, e.g. Plug-In Van Grant
  • Ensuring the scheme can encourage a wide range of technologies including those aimed at light-weighting and capacity optimization for trailers.

Project Management & Stakeholder Engagement

LowCVP Secretariat in collaboration with stakeholders from CVWG, FWG, freight industry bodies, researchers and DfT.

Timeline & Deliverables

April 2019 – March 2020

Deliverables Date
Draft ULET proposals October 2019
ULET criteria report December 2019
Finalised ULET scheme proposals March 2020
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