Low Emission Vans

Background & Challenge

The transition to the new (WLTP) emissions test cycle for vans - which provides data closer to that achieved in real world conditions – combined with a rapidly developing supply of new vans creates opportunities for van operators to cut costs and emissions. However, the changes add complexity to the van purchase decision and good quality, timely information is required to help operators make the best purchase decisions.


  • To improve van operator understanding of the implications and benefits of the new van technologies and the WLTP test cycle
  • To review the financial policy tools (VED, Company Van tax etc) and make proposal for development

Actions & Outputs

  • Engage the van community (OEMs, testing houses etc) in a working group
  • In association with the group, develop WLTP guidance notes for vans
  • Revise & update Zemo Partnership’s Low Emission Van Guide
  • Provide Zemo Partnership input to the VED consultation and HMT in relation to vans


Completion by March 2022

Brian Robinson

Zemo Partnership Co-Lead:
Brian Robinson

Commercial Vehicle Emissions Consultant

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