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We’re reducing the emissions of new cars and boosting the market for ultra-low emissions cars by influencing policies and behaviours. By working with manufacturers, fleet operators, consumer and environmental groups, local authorities, consultants, the DfT and OZEV, we are achieving change sooner. That means increasing the adoption of low-carbon and zero-emission cars, informing car buyers about cleaner and more efficient choices, and finding new ways to influence car buying behaviour. We’re also guiding local authorities as they shape policies for low carbon cars, taxis and private hire vehicles.

Working Group Activity

The Group's achievements to date include:

Best Practice Guide: Consumer Information for Used EVs

In response to the challenges faced by consumers navigating the used EV market, this guide aims to enhance clarity and confidence for buyers.

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Zemo's Powered Light Vehicle Community

Bringing Government, industry and other expert stakeholders together to shape the future of zero emission lightweight transport.

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ZEV Mandate Consultation

In response to the DfT's final consultation on the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate, this document presents the views of Zemo Partnership’s members and offers an overview of different perspectives.

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Consumer research on total cost of ownership importance

Consumers were generally unaware of the range of EV tariffs on the markets and felt this information would be useful in influencing their decision and showing the affordability on an EV – ie lower running costs.

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New Car Fuel Economy Label

Availability and presentation of environmental, performance and running cost information across different powertrains.

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Celine Cluzel

Working Group Chair:
Celine Cluzel

Partner, Element Energy

Naomi Brandon-Bravo

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Naomi Brandon-Bravo

Project Officer

Alec Thomson

Zemo Partnership Support:
Alec Thomson

Project Manager

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