Electronic Information Tool for New & Used Car Buyers: Creating Clarity and Confidence for Consumers

Background and Challenge

Today, more than ever before, new and used car buyers are faced with a bewildering choice of technologies, fuels and regulations when considering their next vehicle. For many, this is too much.

But if we are to achieve our 2030 target and zero emission ambitions, we must do everything we can to help and encourage motorists to adopt the latest low and zero emission hybrid, PHEV and EV vehicles now available; both new and used.

To give consumers the clarity and confidence to make these new buying choices, Zemo Partnership is collaborating with DfT, our members and across the industry to develop a standardised electronic cross-channel approach for presenting the vital vehicle information they now need, using consistent consumer friendly language and data to help buyers compare all new and used ICE, PHEV and EV cars.

This builds on the very extensive work we've previously completed around vehicle labelling.


  • To provide all car buyers with clear, engaging, meaningful information they can trust, to help them compare and choose the most environmentally friendly car for their needs.
  • To give consumers the confidence, reassurance and reasons to buy an EV or PHEV, new or used (trade only, not private).
  • To provide clarity on the policies that affects a vehicle, and if it complies.
  • To develop an electronic solution that enables this information to be shared across all online channels, as well as produced physically if required.
  • To establish a robust official database of VIN-level data for every WLTP certified car in the UK (including considering if pre-WLTP vehicles should be considered).
  • To include all fuel types, new and used (covering used vehicles with WLTP certification only, to avoid confusion).
  • To update the 'passenger car labelling and information regulations' to mandate that this information is displayed by all car 'retailers', both electronically online and at physical dealer locations.
  • To officially brand this with the HM Government logo.

Actions and Outputs

  • Identifying and bringing together the key stakeholders needed to make this happen.
  • Agreeing the core information that should be presented to car buyers.
  • Establishing and maintaining (or identifying an existing) official master database for all vehicles that is robust, reliable and accurate.
  • Sourcing the necessary technical expertise to build, develop and manage the electronic tool software.
  • Developing and providing an API that enables this 'tool' to be incorporated into all digital channels industry-wide.
  • Producing a simple marketing toolkit to support the launch.


May 2021 - present

The challenges of establishing and maintaining an official master database for all vehicles and developing a robust tool for widespread use should not be underestimated and will take time – extending this project into summer 2023.

Naomi Brandon-Bravo

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Naomi Brandon-Bravo

Project Officer

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