Road Transport Emissions Advice Group 2020

Background & Challenge

Despite rising awareness of the climate emergency and air quality concerns, a lack of consumer understanding and awareness of new low emission technologies, fuels and related policies and the available vehicle options are considered to be key factors holding motorists back from changing more rapidly to lower and zero emission cars. 


  • To coordinate with DfT the range of views and consumer questions via an expert group, to agree common responses, vocabulary and myth-busting messages
  • To provide motorists with the clear, accessible, trusted information and advice needed to inform the choices they make, helping to encourage them to ‘make the switch’
  • To leverage the considerable trust and expertise within the group to reassure and engage consumers and to talk with one ‘joined-up’ voice

Actions & Outputs

  • Zemo Partnership to lead in the compilation and creation of a proposed messaging framework, developed and agreed with the Road Transport Emissions Advice Group (RTEAG) which can be turned into a series of initiatives for stakeholder use such as:
  • Joint consumer surveys by RTEAG members; media interviews; member guidance documents; used car label data; advice on fuel; advice on effective use of PHEVs
  • Dissemination and stakeholder engagement priorities agreed and supported by the group


April 2020 – March 2021

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