Zemo's Twelve Days of Christmas - Season's Greetings!

Fri 17 December 2021 View all news

Zemo’s Twelve Days of Christmas (aka the 365 days of 2021) 

On the first day of Christmas
Zemo sent to me
A new name to replace the LowCVP

(On the second…eleventh day of Christmas etc…)

On the twelfth day of Christmas
Zemo sent to me
Twelve reports now published
Eleven fuel suppliers (RFAS-approved!)
Ten points of planning
Nine CVRAS systems
Eight small van plug-ins
Seven L-categories
Six consultation responses
Five ZEBRA fast-tracks (reprise: Five ZEBRA fast tracks)
Four EVET work groups
Three life-cycle studies
The second on-line conference
And a new name for the LowCVP
(Plus a comprehensive new TDP!)

Wishing all our members and readers a great holiday and a happy & healthy 2022!


Images courtesy: unsplash.com/@brucekee & unsplash.com/@danielcgold @ unsplash.com/@stefany_andrade 


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