Zemo Partnership welcomes ‘greenprint’ to decarbonise all modes of domestic transport by 2050

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Wed 14 July 2021 View all news

(Media release) The Transport Decarbonisation Plan, published today, is a landmark moment for the UK transport sector.

The Plan aims to ensure that only zero emission vehicles will be sold from 2040.

Andy Eastlake, Chief Executive, Zemo Partnership, welcoming the publication of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan and complementary package of documents and consultations says: “The clear commitment to move all our road vehicles to zero emissions is critical, but even more important is the appetite to think differently about how this can be delivered.

“Transport is perhaps one of the most emotive and complex areas of our lives and society, but zero tailpipe emission transport technology is already here.

“How we make this the default everywhere while also reducing overall demand for energy and other resources is the real challenge.

“It’s therefore encouraging to see that the plan considers fiscal, behavioural, digital and other policy options as the exciting technology and energy revolutions gather pace.  How effectively we can work collaboratively across sectors to bring all these together will be a true test of success of this plan.”

“The Plan is wide-ranging and detailed, encompassing a plethora of approaches and opening a range of questions and consultations about transport decarbonisation.

“Zemo Partnership will be working the widest range of stakeholders to deliver our new 2021 ‘acceleration programme’ of key projects and new initiatives, aligning our activities with the Government’s Plan.”

Zemo Partnership’s Annual Conference next Tuesday, 20 July (including a keynote from transport minister Rachel Maclean) will provide an early opportunity to hear the widest range of expert stakeholder responses to the Government’s Plan.

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