Zemo Partnership & RTFA to host webinar series on renewable fuels

Fri 26 February 2021 View all news

Zemo Partnership and the Renewable Transport Fuel Association are to host a series of four webinars with industry experts exploring the role of advanced renewable fuels in decarbonising road and aviation sectors.

Key themes which will be covered at the webinars will be:

  • What are the current innovations in sustainable low carbon fuels?
  • What transport sectors can they decarbonise and when?
  • What is required to accelerate supply chains?
  • What are the opportunities for cross sector collaboration?

The first event on 23 March (10.30-12) is entitled 'Advanced Renewable Gasoline'.

Part 2 - Advanced Renewable Diesel, 25 March (10.30-12) (link)

Part 3 - Advanced Renewable Gaseous Fuels, 31 March (10.30-12) (link

Part 4 - Sustainable Aviation Fuel, 1 April (10.30-12) (link)

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