E10 becomes standard petrol from Sept 1

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Tue 31 August 2021 View all news

Over the next decade, some of the biggest and most accessible opportunities for cutting CO2 from road transport will come from reducing emissions from the existing 21m+ petrol vehicles on our roads.

That's why Zemo Partnership has long championed the introduction of E10 petrol - a more environmentally-friendly blend with up to 10% renewable ethanol (versus up to 5% today), which becomes the standard grade of petrol from 1 September 2021.

Every new petrol car and van built since 2011 was designed to use E10 petrol, and over 95% of all the petrol vehicles on our roads today are compatible. However, a small number of older or classic cars and motorbikes may not be approved for E10 petrol and should continue to use E5.

These drivers can check whether their vehicle is approved to use E10 petrol using the official DfT E10 vehicle checker, which covers cars, motorcycles and mopeds.

Alternatively, to help anyone having trouble identifying their older vehicle, we’ve worked with New Automotive and our members to develop a quick and easy number plate driven E10 checker, where drivers can simply enter their registration number to ensure they can use E10 petrol: Zemo E10 Compatibility Checker.  

 (See related story: '10 reasons why E10 is the fuel of the future'.)

Note: Zemo Partnership members and stakeholders are invited to use the vehicle checker on their website (and other digital resources) by embedding the checker directly or linking to the Zemo Partnership web page. Please Contact Zemo Partnership for more information before doing

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