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Transport and Environmental Policy Research

La Dahesa
Harecombe Road
East Sussex

Switchboard: +44 1892 663 289

Sector: Environmental, academic and other

Transport and Environmental Policy Research (TEPR) is an independent research consultancy that was set up in 2009. Dr Ian Skinner, who previously worked at AEA and at the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), is a Director of TEPR and its principal researcher/consultant.

TEPR provides expert input to projects focusing on European and national policy that aims to reduce the impacts of transport on climate change and on other environmental problems. In doing this, we work closely with a range of partners in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Many of TEPRs recent projects have been undertaken for various DGs of the European Commission and have been related to the development of different elements of European low carbon transport policy.

Additionally, TEPR aims to contribute to the academic debate through papers, lectures and seminars.

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