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Irizar UK Ltd

Portland House
Claylands Aveneue
S81 7BQ
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01909 500514

Sector: Automotive manufacturers

The Irizar ie bus offers a sustainable and eco-efficient urban mobility solution and responds to the current and future needs of city transport. From the design and planning phase, the emphasis has been on achieving the greatest possible energy efficiency, increasing the vehicle’s range and optimising its end of life management. The arguments in favour of this bus model are that is a totally safe, reliable, profitable product, with tried and tested battery life, efficiency and reliability and also offering operators significant customization options, with the guarantee of comprehensive service and maintenance for the entire life of the vehicle.

Today, this 12m-bus model is used at full capacity in a range of European cities. Now the 10.8 m versions and the articulated 18-metre in two variants, have been added, all with 100% electric motorization and zero emissions.

Reseach & Development

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