Smart Charging: Consumer Awareness Campaign

Background & Challenges

The EV driver community is relatively well informed, enthusiastic and open to smart charging. As the market grows, less engaged EV users will need to be encouraged to adopt smart charging. To achieve this, a campaign will be needed to raise awareness of and encourage use of smart charging.

(See also: EV Chargepoint Labelling project.)


  • To develop the basis for a consumer awareness campaign of the benefits of smart charging and supporting materials to provide a trusted source of impartial help and information to consumers
  • Identify potential bodies capable of delivering the campaign

Actions & Outputs

  • Formation of a group to engage with the energy retailer, EVSE and EV sectors, and consumer groups to develop consumer-friendly campaign brief to encourage smart charging
  • Review publicly available data on charging behaviour and consumer segmentation
  • Develop principles for a consumer awareness campaign
  • Agree communications proposals: campaign messaging and materials required for consumers, EVSE suppliers and fitters, electricity retailers staff and EV dealerships (new and used).
  • Assessment of potential for a public information campaign as part of broader ‘EV charging education’


December 2020 – May 2021.

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Alec Thomson

Project Manager

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