EV Energy Taskforce

Background & Challenge

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce published a comprehensive set of proposals to Government and industry to ensure the electricity network is ready for the mass take up of electric vehicles. Many of these proposals need to be delivered by 2023 in order to prepare for the electric vehicle charging market.


  • To provide a forum for strategic oversight of the evolving electric vehicle charging market and the network, to support this development by bringing together government, regulators, energy, infrastructure and automotive sectors.
  • To build on the momentum developed by the initial Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce phase, helping to ensure that proposals are turned into actionable plans
  • To maintain focus and engagement of stakeholders in the opportunities available to the energy and mobility systems through effective collaboration in the EV transition

Actions & Outputs

  • Establish a collaborative strategic oversight body based on the original EV Energy Taskforce Steering Group
  • Develop EV Energy Taskforce proposals into agreed, actionable plans and identify the means to deliver them
  • Monitor and communicate progress of the EV Energy Taskforce proposals
  • Implementation of the proposals via an annual seminar, bringing stakeholders together to report progress and further action required
  • Provide the co-ordination and secretariat function for the EV Energy Taskforce




April 2020 – On-going

Jonathan Murray

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Jonathan Murray

Policy and Operations Director

Alec Thomson

Zemo Partnership Support:
Alec Thomson

Project Manager

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