Electrification of fleets: home-based

Background & Challenge

Many company van and car fleets are not depot-based but return home with the driver. This includes utility fleets and others who are keen to take an environmental lead or benefit from reduced operational costs of EVs. However, home-based fleets face barriers in terms of the adoption of electric vehicles including how vehicles are charged; how the fleet manager provides control; how to separate private and company costs. A few pioneering fleet managers are trying to tackle this. This project will work with energy suppliers, retailers and leading procurement officers.


  • To identify the barriers and challenges in adoption of EVs in home-based vehicle fleets
  • To increase the adoption of EVs in these fleets

Actions & Outputs

  • A steering group will be established, drawing on Zemo Partnership members and partners. Initial workshop to establish terms of reference
  • Group to explore the issues around the electrification of home-based fleets and produce a barriers & opportunities paper
  • Fleets, CPOs and intermediaries which have established working arrangements recruited to provide case studies and identify barriers and opportunities to guide future activity
  • Case studies to be disseminated through a workshop programme and via other channels (including partners: BVRLA, EnergyUK, EST)

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Alec Thomson

Zemo Partnership Lead:
Alec Thomson

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