Zemo's Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme goes international!

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Wed 20 March 2024 View all news

Zemo Partnership's Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme has approved its first international renewable fuel suppliers - Flogas Enterprise Solutions Ltd, supplying compressed biomethane in the Republic of Ireland, and BP Energia Espana, supplying HVO in Spain. There are now 30 fuel suppliers fully approved under the scheme.

Zemo has been delighted to recently grant RFAS approval to UK suppliers 645 Services Ltd, Prax Petroleum Ltd and Ford Fuels Ltd, each supplying HVO and Vigo Bioenergy Ltd (Vitol SA) supplying compressed and liquified biomethane.

Renewable fuels are increasingly featuring in companies' transport decarbonisation strategies in the heavy-duty vehicle sector.  They are viewed as an important complimentary solution to GHG emissions reduction as fleet operators gradually switch their fleets over to electric propulsion. 

In 2021 Zemo launched the Renewable Fuel Assurance Scheme (RFAS), a voluntary initiative giving heavy-duty vehicles and operators of non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), independent assurance of renewable fuel supply chain traceability. The renewable fuels cover liquid and gaseous biofuels, blends of biofuels and fossil fuel, plus renewable hydrogen.

The scheme enables fleet operators to have confidence in the greenhouse gas (GHG) performance of the low carbon fuels they have purchased and the sustainability credentials of renewable fuel feedstocks. This is becoming increasing important as organisations are placing more emphasis on scrutinising their suppliers' environmental performance. Growing mandatory requirements for company carbon reporting is also pushing companies to ensure they have accurate GHG emissions statistics for their own, and contracted, vehicle fleets.

Over 700 organisations are deploying sustainable low carbon fuels supplied by members of the RFAS. All fuels supplied under the RFAS are produced from biogenic waste based feedstocks, and achieve life cycle GHG emissions savings more than 75% better than fossil diesel. 

For more about the RFAS scheme, please visit this link.

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